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We have got wide range of devices applicable from small parts process to big one and techniques acquired in the iron processing and machinery manufacturing in the company.We aggressively advance into the field of aerospace to lead the capital of craft skill to bringing new energy to local and Japanese industry.

We aim to build out an integrated system on production and call for your participation for cooperation production network.


Nadcap CMSP
May 2010
JISQ9100 (Aerospace)
January 2013
Customer:Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.
September 2013
Good Rich Inc. Landing Gear
July 2015
Nadcap CMSP

When a special process is included in the product which completion machine maker such as Boeing or the Airbus orders from a supplier, it is compulsory to have an certification as a requirement of contract manufacturing.
In aircraft parts manufacturing, companies that order the work process called "special process" such as machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, and non destructive treatment must have certifications for the equipment, process and people and need updating annually in principle.

Landing gear

Landing gear

Equipment to be used at the time of take-off and landing of aircraft.
The equipment makes it easy for aircraft to move on ground and taxi for takeoff, and absorbs the vertical kinetic energy applied to the aircraft during landing and reduces the impact It includes a shock absorber in its order struts.

By the acquisition of "Nadcap", we grind parts, "trunnion pin "of Landing gear.
Dozens and hundreds of tons of moment load is taken on Landing Gear when landing, so it is made of special materials at the expense of other properties.
Therefore, the stress concentration and "burnt" has been a particular need consideration.

It is necessary to have "validation of the manufacturing process", and the acquisition of Nadcap is now mandatory because we are not sure if "burn" appears in the grinding of coating. Our ultra-precision cylindrical grinding processing technology consistent with the quality management of the world levels, plays a role in the safety of the aircraft.

Cylinder grinding

Cylinder grinding

Rotating the disk-shaped grinding wheel consisting of a fine myriad of abrasive grains at high speed, also rotating the product, too and pressing little by little the grinding wheel on the surface of the product, and scrape.

Processing has been done with cooling over a large amount of cutting fluid because the product heats up and deforms when grinding in a grinding wheel. It is processing that meets the needs of the surface roughness, roundness, runout accuracy as well as dimensional accuracy.

Traverse abrasion

Grinding back and forth movement of the workpiece or the grinding wheel to the left and right. If you want to pursue the surface roughness, then traverse polishing.

Plunge abrasion

Grinding by applying the grinding wheel to the workpiece at a right angle.In the case of processing, such as when the width of the machined part is narrow and stepped-axis, then plunge abrasion. If you want to have a sealing property, it will be plunge abrasion.

▲Ink well roll for printing machine
Precision machining of in microns is required.

▲Grinding has been done by applying cutting fluid.

IoT Network

What is IoT ?

The Internet of the thing is a structure to control mutually by various "mono" (thing) being connected to the Internet (not only merely connected, but also things are connected like the Internet), and exchanging information.

We connect a computer, the tablet of the office to the machine of the factory in a network and check the state of every machine, the alarm details, workpiece no, a program name, parts count driving mode, driving status overriding finely. (updating the operation situation about every ten seconds) Also,we can plan optimize a process for the machine operation situation in the site,checking the most suitable process for each workpiece based on the collected data. (the operation results, alarm history)

In addition, we display the main shaft number of revolutions at a main shaft load graph on a 24 hour basis, the driving time and the driving ratio by showing in a digitized graph,therfore,we can check the main shaft number of revolutions and ratio of main shaft load situation, and optimize a process for requiremnts while evaluating the suitable situation for machine specifically and can find out a way for malfunction of measures of the dimensions precision. In the present system, a short delivery time to the customer correspondence, a shortening the construction period and high efficiency have been established, ensuring high precision by this system.

【Network of factory machinery and equipment】

【Operational status graph】

【Equipment alarm Details / parts count】

【Equipment spindle load graph】